Maxine Waters Calls Black Trump Voters “Shameful”

Maxine Waters Calls Black Trump Voters

( – One of the most precious rights we Americans have is our freedom of speech. However, sometimes that means people will say something that shows their true character and exposes their startling beliefs. House representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) shared a few of her thoughts on black voters who support President Donald Trump — calling them “shameful” in an interview on Friday, October 30.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show,” Waters urged listeners to get out and vote, declaring that our “country would go backward” if Trump is reelected. She specifically calls out young black men in the interview, shown here by Journalist Trish Regan:

After that, Waters calls black voters for Trump “unconscionable” and “shameful.” The full segment can be seen here:

Thankfully, the right to share one’s opinions allows every American to see the true colors of many Democrats, including Maxine Waters. By insulting black voters who are exercising their right to vote for the candidate they believe in, Waters may lose a few votes herself.

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