Mayor Lightfoot Booed Off Stage at Plumbers Union Event

Mayor Lightfoot Booed Off Stage at Plumbers Union Event

( – Disputes over vaccine mandates have taken place in numerous cities across our nation, tearing communities apart. Chicago did not escape this pushback as Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared earlier this year that all of the city’s workers must be fully vaccinated by the end of the year. However, the first union to endorse Mayor Lightfoot during her 2019 campaign did not take well to this announcement, and they let her know it over the weekend.

Plumbers Union Boos Mayor Lightfoot When She Takes the Stage

On Sunday, October 24, Mayor Lightfoot spoke at a fundraiser for the Plumbers Union Local 130. However, as she walked on stage, attendees met her with a little bit of applause, which was quickly overshadowed by booing. One attendee disclosed to the Chicago Sun-Times that the mayor “spoke for less than a minute, and there was a resounding booing throughout the room.”

However, union recording secretary Pat McCarthy downplayed accounts of the incident, saying the booing “was nothing significant” and “it didn’t disrupt the event at all.” Podcaster Benny Johnson shared a video from the event for Americans to decide for themselves:

Just Another Example of Opposition to Lightfoot

The rejection of Lightfoot is not an isolated case of the working class objecting to government mandates. Currently, Chicago is also experiencing pushback from the police force, led by Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President John Catanzara. He pulled together union members who also opposed the mandate and encouraged them not to comply with Lightfoot’s order. These workers are waiting for a federal judge to decide on whether or not to uphold Chicago’s mandate.

This is Not a Vaccination Issue

Time and time again, Americans have emphasized that these mandates are not just a vaccination issue. Rather, it’s a problem with the government controlling citizen’s freedoms, privacy, and health. In addition, during a time the economy is struggling and cities are having trouble getting people to work, it’s pushing people willing to work out of the workforce.

All in all, the fact that many people within the Chicago plumbers’ union who first endorsed Lightfoot in 2019 expressed their dissatisfaction with her makes it clear something must change. Hopefully, the mayor realizes she works for the people, rather than the other way around. Only then will she be a productive leader for the city of Chicago.

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