Mayorkas Says Americans’ Priorities Must Be Subordinate to “Nation of Immigrants”

( – In the run-up to the dissolution of Title 42, President Joe Biden’s border chief was asked if his huge and growing influx of economic migrants is good for Americans’ quality of life, including wages and rents. His reply was that this is a “Nation of Immigrants.”

The Biden administration has added at least six million people to the nation’s population over the last two and a half years. That approximates to roughly three migrants for every four American births. Millions more immigrants are expected after the lifting of the Title 42 border barrier on May 11.

Mayorkas’ “Nation of Immigrants” claim implies that the United States is a homeland for migrants, not for Americans. This is a narrative that was created by Democrat advocacy groups and business interests, despite the narrative having no basis in law. In addition, most polls show that Americans want to welcome fewer migrants.

Business groups welcome the narrative because it cuts blue-collar wages and white-collar salaries. Migration also reduces marketplace pressure to invest in local development and productivity-boosting technology. But no account is taken of the deep-seated solidarity that Americans feel towards one another in the face of such unprecedented immigration.

Mayorkas’ has made it clear in numerous press statements that his interests are aligned with those of the immigrant community, and that border management is all about achieving equality of outcome, which implies equity between US citizens and foreign nationals. He has as a consequence exploited many loopholes in the law in order to allow millions of economic migrants into the US.

Despite the obvious inability to properly vet the millions of migrants who cross into the southern border of the US, Mayorkas continues to insist that the borders are “secure” and that the migrants pose no threat to the well-being of ordinary Americans. However, despite these soothing words, record numbers of Americans are now purchasing firearms for self-defense and for home protection.

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