McDonald’s Meal Found To Be $18 as Prices Continue To Soar

McDonald's Meal Found To Be $18 as Prices Continue To Soar

( – As inflation continues to wreak havoc on American communities, people are starting to get sticker shock when they go to buy everyday staples. Whether they are looking for eggs and milk or a new couch, things just aren’t what they used to be. One Connecticut man headed over to McDonald’s recently to order a meal when he was flabbergasted by the $18 price of what he chose.

TikToker @xconmedia was at a McDonald’s in Connecticut when he shared the astronomical price of a Big Mac combo meal: $16.89 plus tax. Various chicken sandwiches were priced from $16.69 to $17.89. Commenters flocked to share their two cents on the price, one joking that the meal “wasn’t worth it when it was like $8” and another highlighting, “that’s what you get when they all wanted $15 per hour.”

Americans are experiencing similar surprises when it comes to eggs, whose price rose 60% from December 2021 to December 2022. Avian flu was the main driver of this higher cost, although all aspects of inflation, such as shipping and animal feed costs, also drove it up. It apparently got so bad that some US Customs and Border Patrol saw an uptick in the number of people smuggling eggs over the US-Mexico border because the beloved breakfast staple is significantly cheaper south of the border.

Another aspect of American life that inflation has greatly impacted is the public school cafeteria. According to The Washington Post, school lunch meal prices have increased 254%. This new cost incorporates the higher cost of food, staffing, and supply chain issues.

When everyday citizens add up these costs and other expenses, like rent, utilities, and gas, it’s difficult for many to make a working budget. If a family is able to pull that together, finding extra money for a vacation, holiday gifts, or even a celebratory meal can be out of the question.

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