Medical Treatment Denied to Woman Over Refusal of Vaccine

Medical Treatment Denied To Woman Over Refusal Of Vaccine

( – Kidney transplants are notoriously fickle operations. Both the donor and receiver have to follow incredibly strict protocols to optimize the procedure’s success rate. These rules, such as avoiding alcohol, are usually the same across the nation, as data clearly dictates the best process. Yet, some hospitals are forcing transplant participants to get the coronavirus vaccine if they want to move forward with the procedure. One Colorado hospital even denied life-saving treatment to a woman with stage 5 renal failure.

On September 28, Leilani Lutali received a letter from the University of Colorado Hospital that the transplant team would move her to the inactive waiting list within 30 days. The letter explained the reasoning as her “non-compliance by not receiving the COVID vaccine,” despite the fact Lutali tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, likely from a prior infection.

Lutali’s designated donor, Jaimee Fougner, has also not received a COVID-19 vaccine and emphasized their individual decisions to not get the jab do “not affect any other patient on the transplant list.” Fougner went so far as to ask how the hospital can ask her to sit idly by while it chooses to “murder my friend when I’ve got a perfectly good kidney and can save her life?”

Understandably, this story drew pushback from many Americans, one of which shared it on Twitter:

As each hospital can make its own transplant protocols, Lutali and her donor have no choice but to get vaccinated or look for a transplant team willing to work with them somewhere else. Hopefully, the courageous pair can find a doctor willing to provide the life-saving procedure they’re more than ready to carry out.

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