Megyn Kelly Erupts at Parents of Mass Shooter

Megyn Kelly Erupts at Parents of Mass Shooter

Megyn Kelly ERUPTS After Mass Shooting – “Bullsh*t”

( – Anytime a mass shooter gets behind a gun, people wonder just what happened to them to bring them to the point of wanting to kill dozens of people. This age-old question of nature versus nurture was recently brought up by journalist, attorney, and political commentator Megyn Kelly when speaking with Chicago columnist John Kass about the Highland Park shooting on July 4th. Here’s what she had to say.

During her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly honed in on the relatives of mass shooters, wondering if Americans are being “too tolerant” and gracious towards the families of these criminals. She highlighted how parents should notice if their child was one day a happy, functioning kid, but suddenly becomes “reclusive,” “obsessed with online sites like 4-Chan,” or “suicidal.” Kelly believes this is a clear indicator to parents that something is wrong that they should address.

In the case of the Highland Park shooter, the alleged criminal’s uncle — who lived with the shooter — said there were “no signs” of anger or turmoil in this young man’s life. Kelly called him out on that, noting he should have noticed the warning signs because “society depends on you.” The podcast host reminded listeners that raising children affects the whole community, and she wondered if there should be some level of shame that will inspire families to raise children to be productive citizens, rather than deadly killers.

Kelly clearly believes parental responsibility, or lack thereof, has a large part to play when it comes to children growing up to be mass shooters or criminals. What do you think?

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