Mexican Cartels Appear to Be Setting Up Camp in the US

( – South of San Antonio, Texas, and along the southern border, violence and death are becoming commonplace. Border officials and police are working to protect citizens, but many are becoming numb to the onslaught of continued conflict. Beyond the ongoing influx of illegal fentanyl is human trafficking, fake prescription medicine, weapons, and money. The cartels are entrenching themselves into the United States in a way that many don’t think we will recover from.

Thousands of pounds of fentanyl are crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, some by way of people known as mules and some by U.S. citizens caught in addiction and working to get their fix. Fentanyl and methamphetamines can be difficult to find as cartels are always working to hide the cargo and find mules that won’t attract attention. “Mules” refers to people who smuggle drugs by secreting them inside their bodies.

Workers at the port of entry near Nogales in Arizona lament that they have seen mules as young as teenagers and as old as 60. Cartels find people who are desperate, easily persuaded, and likely addicts.

According to The Guardian, in 2023, organized crime groups in Mexico have 175,000 members, which makes them the fifth largest employers in the country. Experts question the validity of this research as it’s unclear who was counted and how the data was found. Cartels are becoming more diverse with both legal and illegal ventures.

The level of violence that Cartels employ is a main concern for many as they are not stealthy in taking out competition. They roll in with military-grade precision and weaponry, taking out innocents as well as their targets, as demonstrated by the violent attacks noted throughout Mexico.

As of October 2023, the U.S. State Department has issued a warning that travel to Mexico should be considered carefully due to crime and kidnapping of U.S. Citizens. U.S. Citizens should carefully make their plans and remain vigilant if they plan to visit Mexico or the border areas.

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