Mike Huckabee Issues Alert to the Left That Patriotism “Isn’t Going Anywhere”

Mike Huckabee Issues Alert to the Left That Patriotism

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Democrats continue to push an agenda that could rewrite our history and put other countries ahead of our own. Meanwhile, many Republicans have reminded hard-working Americans of the enormous America-first movement that Donald Trump started and still leads. On “Fox and Friends” this week, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee shared his belief that patriotism “isn’t going anywhere.”

On January 21, Huckabee met with Will Cain on the Fox News morning show. He spoke about the incredible movement Trump started that “never apologized for America.”

Rather than picking apart our history and changing our nation’s values like many Democrats hope to do, Trump shows us that he’s dedicated to hard-working Americans. The former POTUS’ words over the past four years resonated with Americans because he understands that, although we have a history of “some ugly things” in the past, America is a nation of “prosperity and possibility.”

Many supporters share Huckabee’s views:

While Joe Biden is in the White House, for now, Huckabee reminded us that patriotism is not going anywhere and we are a remarkable nation to continue to believe in.

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