Military Chopper Leads To Probable Death of ISIS Leader

Military Chopper Leads To Probable Death of ISIS Leader

( – While ISIS has not been able to carry out any major terrorist attacks against the United States recently, the US military is still constantly working to ensure that evil acts and bad actors are kept at bay. US Central Command (CENTCOM) just announced it successfully carried out a raid killing three ISIS members, including one popular leader in the group. Here are the details.

On Monday, April 17, US forces used a helicopter to conduct a raid on Abd-al-Hadi Mahmud al-Haji Ali, a “senior ISIS Syria leader and operational planner,” and two other ISIS members in northern Syria. Soldiers killed all three people without sustaining any injuries themselves. CENTCOM highlighted that the raid took place after intelligence learned that ISIS was preparing to kidnap foreign officials in order to get leverage for their own plans.

CENTCOM Commander, General Michael “Erik” Kurilla, said in a statement that “though degraded, ISIS remains able to conduct operations within the region with a desire to strike beyond the Middle East.” With this capability, he vowed to “continue the relentless campaign against ISIS.”

This raid took place just over a week after CENTOM forces raided another area in eastern Syria on April 8 and captured three ISIS members, including Hudayfah al Yemeni, who was an attack facilitator. Similarly, on Monday, April 3, the US military killed ISIS attack planner Khalid ‘Aydd Ahmad al Jabouri. Reports in this case show that soldiers used a drone rather than a raid to take out the terrorist.

All in all, CENTOM and its allies have conducted dozens of missions in Iraq and Syria recently, resulting in the death or capture of over 25 ISIS operatives. These military raids show the Biden administration is still proactive in hunting down and killing terrorists in the Middle East in order to keep the terrorist group from gaining any more ground or power in this world.

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