More Women Learning Fight Skills Than Ever Before

More Women Learning Fight Skills Than Ever Before

( – After a treacherous two years, many women are seeking ways to re-enter society after a year of isolation and, for some, an increase in domestic violence. To boost their confidence, many are turning to martial arts to protect themselves in a fight and make some friends in the process.

In London, many Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and boxing gyms are seeing an uptick in female participants, and some gyms have even started waitlists due to the high demand. Women from around the city have come together to learn self-defense as they saw violence against their gender rising recently. Having the skills and confidence to defend themselves allows women to travel their city without fear, something many people take for granted.

Singapore’s local and international news outlet TODAY shared more about this new trend:

European ladies are not the only ones getting in on this trend. Asian seniors in New York City also began heading to self-defense classes in higher numbers after violent crimes against Asian-Americans began increasing in 2020. Not only do these martial arts provide a community for these women to get together after an incredibly difficult two years, but now they are equipped with the skills to fend off potential attackers. This skill will be priceless if they ever have to use it.

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