Murder-for-Organs Evidence Points Straight to Communist China

Murder-for-Organs Evidence Points Straight to Communist China

( – For decades, Communist China has allowed organ harvesting within their nation, often even sanctioning such a vile practice. While the murder-for-organs plots are typically concealed, an increasing number of reporters are investigating just how the practice works and who is receiving these organs.

In 2016, former school teacher Susie Hughes founded the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC) to try and end the killing of innocent humans for their organs. This is her story.

Hughes’ Journey to Fight Against Organ Trafficking

One day, Hughes stumbled across a petition trying to rally people to stop China from murdering people in order to sell their organs. In disbelief, she delved further into the issue only to discover just how widespread the practice was under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Hughes outlined just what was happening behind the shroud of mystery concealing the deadly industry thanks to some crucial investigations. Reports like “Bloody Harvest,” published by David Matas and former Canadian secretary of state David Kilgour in 2006, and the 2015 documentary “Hard to Believe” inspired her to make a change.

Now, Hughes’ organization ETAC has grown to include over 75 volunteers and many high-profile lawyers, medical professionals, and human rights advocates, among others. While ETAC has worked to prove the practice exists and that it is a billion-dollar industry, it’s now turning to everyday people to join the fight.

ETAC Launches the #NotFromChina Pledge

It’s no secret that Chinese goods are often cheaper than American-made alternatives, and sometimes deals with Chinese businesses can be quite enticing. However, ETAC just joined forces with China Aid and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) to give people a way to fight back against the CCP’s organ harvesting.

On Saturday, December 4, ETAC launched their #NotFromChina pledge, asking individuals to promise not to accept organs from people the CCP murdered. This gives every American the opportunity to stop additional killings if they care about the issue.

Ending Murder-for-Organs for Good

Just like any other industry, supply and demand adjusts prices, and economic pressures often push people to seek a less expensive alternative to their issues. However, citizens around the world have the power to not pursue or accept things, like organs, from China, despite their cheaper price tag. It will take people committing to pay a little more for organs in order to stop the abhorred practice.

So, while economic pressures may remain high to accept such an organ, ETAC is hoping that everyday individuals can end this practice in the coming years.

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