Nancy Pelosi About to Break the Very Vow She Made to Voters

Nancy Pelosi About to Break the Very Vow She Made to Voters

( – For nearly 20 years, Americans have recognized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as one of the top Democrats bringing the diverse and often fractured party together. During some party negotiations last year, Pelosi promised her peers she would abide by proposed term limits to the party’s leadership, meaning she wouldn’t run for Speaker of the House again in 2022. However, a new report shows she’s considering turning her back on that vow.

On Wednesday, December 15, CNN reported that Pelosi is planning on running for reelection in San Francisco in 2022. This means she could easily try to maintain her role as House Speaker if Democrats keep their majority in the lower chamber, despite her previous promise to let someone else take over that role.

One American reminded peers of Pelosi’s previous assurance on Twitter:

Divisions within the Democratic party have been clear for quite some time, as party moderates battle with the Progressive “Squad” on just about every major bill and issue. While Pelosi has been able to navigate this and keep the party moving forward in some capacity, many Democrats told CNN they’re not sure how the party will function without her, whenever that time comes.

As Americans grapple with the reality that Pelosi, who is currently 81, may seek to spend even more time in Congress, it raises other questions of whether the aging octogenarian can keep mental acuity while maintaining control of the wily Left. No one can be sure whether this decision will help or hurt the Democrats in 2022, but Americans will soon find out.

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