Nancy Pelosi Says Putin Invaded Hungary

Nancy Pelosi Says Putin Invaded Hungary

( – People all over the world are terrified that they might be watching the beginning of the next global conflict unfold in Ukraine after Russia invaded the country. In America, families are worried their loved ones might be sent off to fight in another foreign war, and they are looking toward leadership to reassure them. Unfortunately, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is one of those leaders.

On February 23, Pelosi spoke about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The 81-year-old congresswoman seemed to get befuddled while she was speaking and confused Hungary with Ukraine. She told reporters that if they looked at the map, they would see how Hungary is encircled.

Of course, Hungary was not encircled; Pelosi was talking about Ukraine. Instead of correcting herself, she continued to ramble and make a point that wasn’t exactly clear. When a reporter asked her why President Joe Biden and the US didn’t take stronger action against Putin in 2021, the speaker wouldn’t give a clear answer. She told the journalist they were wasting their time because we are past that point.

The American people need to trust their leaders right now. However, it’s really hard to convince people of that when the leaders can’t even get the name of the country that is at the center of the conflict correct.

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