NBC Cancels Show Spin-Off as “Woke” Shows Collapse

NBC Cancels Show Spin-Off as

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Over the past two years, it seemed every major entertainment outlet has come out with a new show exuding “wokeness” with anti-racist characters, leads with various sexual preferences, and viewpoints that one could find on AOC’s Twitter feed. But, these “woke” shows may be coming to a close as viewers grow weary of them. The latest to be canceled was a spin-off of NBC’s Law & Order series.

NBC, which is owned by Comcast, just announced that Law & Order: For the Defense will not be running as promised on Thursday nights this fall. The show, whose tagline declared it would provide “the promise of a contemporary morality tale,” was expected to analyze the criminal justice system and likely critique those that work in it. Since the Black Lives Matter riots began last year, Law & Order took an anti-police stance that was likely to be seen in this latest spin-off as well.

A feed dedicated to NBC’s Chicago series shared the news:

Instead of this new “woke” show, NBC will bump up The Blacklist to the Thursday night lineup followed by two Law & Order episodes.

The media continues to report on outrage from major left-leaning players urging our nation to become more progressive. Yet, it seems Americans are getting weary of the constant politicization of the TV and entertainment industry. Perhaps viewers across the nation are ready to return to content that reminds them of their own life, beliefs, and values, and networks are starting to realize that.

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