Nearly 2 in 3 Southern Republicans Want to Break Away From US

Nearly 2 in 3 Southern Republicans Want to Break Away From US

( – When President Joe Biden took office, he promised to unite America after the tumultuous year most of us had in 2020. However, it seems he hasn’t been able to do that. A new survey conducted by YouGov last month and recently published by Bright Line Watch, shows citizens are actually quite frustrated with our current political climate on a federal level, and they would actually support secession.

Do Americans Want to Create a New Union?

In the Bright Line Watch study, respondents were asked if they would support their state seceding from the United States to join a new union with states of similar political landscapes nearby. The nation was broken up into five “new unions,” from west to east: Pacific, Mountain, Heartland, South, and Northeast. One American shared the map breakdown of the proposed regions:

In the south, 66% of Republicans said they would support seceding from the United States to form their own regional union. Only 20% of Democrats in the same region supported the choice. However, in the Pacific region which includes Washington, Oregon, and California, 47% of Democrats said they would consider secession.

Secession May Not Be an Option, But It Is Quite Telling

While some lawmakers in Texas, Florida, and Wyoming have all talked about seceding from the United States, the likelihood of this happening is quite low. The last time such a choice was made, the Civil War broke out. However, these numbers do tell us that Americans on both sides of the aisle are upset with how the federal government is currently being handled, and do not see unity or compromise in the near future.

With this, these frustrated states with citizens that would consider seceding from the nation will likely show up in greater numbers in the next election. While this would include almost two out of every three Republicans in the south, that also means Democrats out west will also be fighting with extra fervor for their agenda as well.

Looking Forward to the Decisive 2022 Midterms

This YouGov report showed us that Americans are passionate about their nation and democracy, and want their government to reflect their beliefs and values. When citizens do not see their morals and desires reflected in their leaders, they demand change.

As our nation looks forward to the 2022 midterms, expect to see passionate voters supporting their candidates in any way they can to help our democratic republic work as it was meant to.

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