New Data Reveals Who’s Really Buying Ammunition

New Data Reveals Who's Really Buying Ammunition

( – As stores and factories open back up, different products seem to be flying off the shelves this year compared to previous ones. This spring, it turns out ammunition is the hot ticket, but most purchases are being made by a surprising new group according to Vista Outdoor CEO Chris Metz.

On Wednesday, May 19, Fox Business published an article on a conversation that their reporter Liz Claman had with Metz where they spoke about the company’s recent sales spike. Metz highlighted the new trends happening in shooting sports and hunting, noting that “more millennials, more younger-generation people, more people of color, women” are flocking to these outdoor sports.

News group Crime in NYC shared more of the statistics as well as the motivation behind the surge:

While the purchase of firearms and ammunition and their use in sports like hunting have long been seen as a common behavior among Conservatives, this new report shows that stereotype may be changing. Clearly, more Americans are experiencing competence in the use of firearms for hunting, shooting sports, and the assurance of having a firearm to use for self-protection if needed.

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