New Evidence That Joe Biden Lied About Hunter’s Business Ventures

New Evidence That Joe Biden Lied About Hunter's Business Ventures

( – Ever since news outlets made the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop public during the 2020 presidential campaign season, Americans have been hoping to get more information about Hunter, his business dealings, and how much his father knew about them. A new book published in November by Miranda Devine detailed just how much President Joe Biden knew about his son’s business ventures, and it raised quite a few red flags.

On Tuesday, November 30, Devine’s new book “Laptop From Hell” hit shelves across the nation. According to the book, President Biden met with his son Hunter, brother Jim, and businessman Tony Bobulinski to discuss a potential deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC in May 2017. While men kept the meeting at a “high level” to help distance the then-vice president from the dealings, even Bobulinski saw how ethically treacherous the meeting was.

According to the book, the Bidens encouraged Bobulinski to use their family name to boost cooperation with China, and money swapped quite freely between Hunter and his father during the time. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) even highlighted this connection on Twitter:

Biden repeatedly claimed he wasn’t involved at all in Hunter’s overseas business dealings. But, if even a small portion of Devine’s accounts in her new book are true, that is blatantly false.

This is yet another instance where Americans have documented proof that their nation’s leader lied to them, and it’s likely they will not put up with much more. Hopefully, reporters will continue to expose the Biden family so citizens can understand what their elected representatives are actually doing behind the scenes and can hold them accountable.

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