New Poll Confirms GOP Wants Tough Border Restrictions

New Poll Confirms GOP Wants Tough Border Restrictions

( – As Republicans watch the US-Mexico border flail under the Biden presidency, their views on immigration are all the more important to understand with midterm elections on the horizon. New polls conducted both this month and last show Conservatives still want tough border restrictions, despite the Left’s push for an open border.

A February poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos revealed 77% of Republicans want additional fencing along the US-Mexico border, and 56% hope illegal immigrants aren’t given a path to citizenship. These statistics are both up a few percentage points from recent years.

Additionally, a March poll detailed that 22% of Republicans believe immigration is our nation’s top issue, while only 7% of Republicans said that in February. When these statistics are seen as a whole, GOP congressional contenders can see just how to reinvigorate supporters for the upcoming midterms.

Many Republicans are proposing bills in line with these conservative beliefs, including Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA):

Republican sentiments shown in these polls are summed up well by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who emphasized that border security is “first and foremost the responsibility of our president” and dubbed the current situation the “Biden border crisis.” Let’s hope our GOP leaders can rally together to take back Congress in the midterms in order to fix the issues the Biden White House has created.

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