New Poll Shows America Has Turned on Dr. Fauci

New Poll Show America Has Turned on Dr. Fauci

( – When politicians first began speaking about the coronavirus in 2020, Americans sought expert opinions to understand just what the virus would bring. Many people listened to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who politicians called America’s top doctor when it comes to infectious diseases. However, as citizens heard more and more from him over the past two years, he has lost quite a bit of credibility — to the point that many Americans believe he should resign.

New Poll Shows Americans No Longer Trust Fauci

From January 12 to 14, the Trafalgar Group paired up with the Convention of States Action to conduct a nationwide survey on a variety of political topics, including Dr. Fauci’s approval. The survey spoke with 1081 likely general election voters and has a margin of error of 2.98%.

According to the poll, 46.3% of Americans believe Dr. Fauci should resign from his current role. However, when broken down by party affiliation, only 17.5% of Democrats want Fauci to step down. On the other hand, 76.7% of GOP voters hope the disease expert steps aside for new leadership. Independents are closer to the national average, with 58.9% believing Fauci should resign.

Doctors Share Their Disappointment With Fauci

While Fauci’s words were once trusted by most, his flip-flopping on masks, vaccines, and what herd immunity could look like has eroded his authority amongst Americans, including doctors. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University highlighted that citizens “cannot have the CDC adjudicating on every aspect of American life using policies that were based on previous variants that were more dangerous.”

An example of this includes the recent CDC guidelines update that shortened the quarantine period for those who tested positive for the virus. While the government previously asked people to stay isolated for 10 days, it recently announced that those infected only need to be quarantined for 5 days as long as they can wear a mask for the following 5 days. This policy change was likely driven by the pressure to get Americans back to work.

Whenever Fauci advises a policy change that contradicts something he previously stated, Americans get more frustrated with him and lose confidence in his alleged expertise. In addition, many doctors stress how the government needs to give more credit to alternative COVID-19 treatments and natural immunity in order to move out of the pandemic.

Turning a Pandemic Into an Endemic

At one point, Fauci told Americans that the pandemic would end. However, he recently changed his tune, telling listeners the COVID-19 pandemic will simply turn into an endemic, meaning a more seasonal infectious season, similar to the flu. While this is not ideal compared to full eradication, nearly every American can be happy to hear this news whether or not Fauci remains in his position.

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