New Poll Shows 65% of Americans Think It’s Wrong For Companies to Fire Employees Over Vaccines

New Poll Shows 65% of Americans Think It's Wrong For Companies to Fire Employees Over Vaccines

( – President Joe Biden’s administration is rolling out vaccine mandates for federal employees. It also hopes to require mid-sized and larger companies to do the same. Yet, a new poll shows that most Americans think it’s wrong for businesses to fire employees over this specific medical decision that’s still hotly debated across the nation.

On Wednesday, September 29, the Trafalgar Group released a new survey detailing America’s actual opinion on vaccine mandates. According to the poll, which surveyed 1,097 likely voters from September 17-19, 65% of US citizens believe companies should not fire employees “if they object to taking the COVID-19 vaccine.” In contrast, 22.2% of respondents believe a company should be able to fire employees for refusing to get the jab. Only 12.8% were still undecided on the subject.

Of the respondents, Democrats made up 39.3%, and Republicans made up 35.6%. However, Democrats were much more likely to say businesses should let people go if they don’t comply with the companies’ vaccine mandate. Trafalgar pollster Robert Cahaly shared more about the survey:

This data clearly shows that the majority of people in the United States still believe Americans should not lose their job over this controversial medical decision. This comes as the debate over whether President Biden’s limited executive power even allows him to make mandates of this kind.

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