New Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Collapsing Worse Than Ever

New DATA Suggests A Possible Midterm Disaster!

( – It seems the more Americans see of President Joe Biden, the less they approve of the 46th president. With midterms on the horizon, many Progressives hoped the US leader would be able to help rally Democrats to the voting booths. But, a new poll shows his approval rating has dropped yet again, making it unlikely he would be of much help to candidates in the coming months.

On Wednesday, August 31, Ipsos released its Core Political survey, which revealed Americans are only giving Biden a 38% approval rating. In addition, 69% of all respondents said the country is “off on the wrong track.” Republicans and Independents are more likely to think the nation is not heading in the right direction, although over half of Democrats also agreed with the sentiment.

The poll also detailed how the economy is still at the top of most people’s list of important problems facing the nation. Following that, crime, the environment, and healthcare are the next pressing issues. Surprising to some after this summer’s SCOTUS decision, abortion was only ranked as the “most important problem facing the US” by 5% of respondents.

All of this data seems to show that candidates who will prioritize the economy and minimizing inflation would have the upper hand in November. This, in conjunction with the disapproval of Biden, may further predict a red wave in the midterms.

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