New Poll Shows Cancel Culture Is Finally Canceled

New Poll Shows Cancel Culture Is Finally Canceled

( – In recent years, “cancel culture” has pervaded the United States and forced numerous people, including actors, politicians, and comedians, out of jobs or income after some Americans deemed their actions or words offensive. This type of censorship harms public figures and companies at the expense of free speech. Now, a few years since the phrase became part of everyday speech, a poll has shown Americans are finally done with it.

Rasmussen Reports on Cancel Culture

From October 27-28, Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll sponsored by The National Pulse that surveyed 1,000 Americans. Of those polled, 77% were familiar with cancel culture, 53% of which said they were “very familiar.” Within this group, 72% declared that cancel culture is now “out of control.” The significance of this number, however, is it transcends party lines.

According to the poll, 74% of unaffiliated Americans, 60% of Democrats, and 86% of Republicans believe cancel culture has gone too far. While the sampling error is +/- 3% with a 95% confidence level, these are still stark numbers showing Americans’ disapproval of cancel culture no matter which side of the partisan line they fall.

Americans Demand Free Speech

Much of the battle surrounding cancel culture centers around the concept of free speech. Of those polled, 75% believe that protecting Americans’ First Amendment right to free speech is more important than sheltering people from offensive speech. However, this is where the poll does show a significant difference in political affiliation.

The survey results showed that only 9% of Republicans and 11% of those unaffiliated with a party think protecting others from offensive speech is more important than their First Amendment right to say almost whatever they want. In contrast, a whopping 27% of Democrats want to prioritize sheltering others from offensive speech rather than protecting their constitutional right.

There was no significant difference among races between those who thought cancel culture was out of control and those who did not.

The End of Cancel Culture May Be Near

Mainstream media and the progressive left have been the main instigators of cancel culture. For example, many Democrats tried to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle when he joked about transgender issues in October on his Netflix show, The Closer. However, the new poll showed that Americans are over people destroying others’ livelihoods and careers simply over something they said. So, if Democrats don’t acknowledge this disapproval soon, they may lose quite a bit of support.

Hopefully, this poll shows a step forward for free speech and an end to censorship by the media and the Left.

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