New Poll Shows Which Threats Americans Think Are Most Important

New Poll Shows Which Threats Americans Think Are Most Important

( – Last year changed nearly every aspect of American life including work, school, and even how one picks up their groceries. A new poll conducted by Gallop shows that’s not all that’s changed in our nation, though. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe cyberterrorism is now the most critical threat facing our country today.

Cyberterrorism on the Rise

Over the past year, China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea have all carried out different cyber attacks around the globe, including many in the US. The recent Gallup poll, which surveyed 1,021 US adults through telephone interviews in mid-February, shows that 82% of Americans believe cyberterrorism is the greatest threat to our daily life.

Since President Joe Biden took office, he’s taken little action on this perceived threat, even after the large cyber-attack, likely Russian in origin, on our government and major US companies last year.

Nuclear Weapons and Terrorism Also Raise Concerns

Just behind cyberterrorism, about three-quarters of Americans believe the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea and Iran are second and third most critical threats.

While President Biden has yet to take any public action against North Korea, he’s come under great scrutiny for his handling of Iran. After attempting to rekindle talks with the Iran Nuclear Deal, many questioned Biden’s airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Syria.

Tied at 72%, Americans believe international terrorism and infectious diseases are the next most critical dangers to our nation. These are completely understandable fears as President Joe Biden continues to let thousands of illegal migrants flood our southern border and stumbles through handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Biden Must Stand Up for the American Way of Life

The freedoms we have in this nation set us apart from nearly all others. But, every day, those rights are at risk when the threat of terrorists, nuclear weapons, and cyber criminals continues to grow. There are clear policies and pathways that can be used to fight these dangers head-on, but President Biden must be willing to use them, even when it’s difficult.

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