New Poll Spells Doom for Joe Biden

New Poll Spells Doom for Joe Biden

( – It’s no secret that President Joe Biden is facing mounting disapproval from Americans. The most recent inflation surge and rising gas prices fueled much of this dislike, but a new poll just revealed exactly how poorly Americans believe the president is handling these issues.

On Sunday, November 21, CBS and YouGov published results of a poll they conducted from November 15-19 with a 3% margin of error. The data revealed that 67% of Americans disapprove of how Biden handles inflation, and only 30% believe the “economy is good.”

CBS shared more about its poll on Twitter:

The rising prices seemed to hit middle and low-income Americans the hardest. According to the survey, those facing difficulties and hardship are delaying big purchases, cutting back on trips and gifts, and scaling back their upcoming holiday celebrations to adapt to the current economy.

Overall, Biden’s approval rating dropped to 44% as more US voters see the president continue fumbling not just with the economy, but foreign policy and immigration, too. Of course, his party’s passing of an enormous spending bill that could further fuel inflation did little to help his cause. So, as millions of Americans take a second look at their budget this month, many blame President Biden’s mishandling of the economy for why they’re counting pennies again.

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