New Study Finds Inconclusive Link Between Gun Sales and Violence

New Study Finds Inconclusive Link Between Gun Sales and Violence

( – Democrats have long used the argument that firearms and their prevalence in the United States are directly linked to the gun violence felt in some communities. However, a newly-published study found in the peer-reviewed Injury Epidemiology journal shows there’s no direct correlation between the two.

On Monday, July 5, researchers led by Julia Schleimer, published their findings on firearms purchases and violence trends during multiple months of 2020. However, their results showed “no relationship between state-level excess purchasing and non-domestic firearm violence.” The researchers noted that rather than putting the blame on guns, other factors “like job loss, economic change, the closure of schools and community organizations and nonprofits, and civil unrest” were more likely to blame.

Newsmax shared the findings soon after the article was published:

These findings come right as President Joe Biden met with police officers and elected officials to try and rally support behind his push for gun control measures on Monday, July 12. But, unsurprisingly, the Biden administration will likely look right past this new data and continue its attempt to infringe on American’s Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

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