New Supreme Court Study Shows Americans Don’t Think Abortion Should Be Outlawed

New Supreme Court Study Shows Americans Don't Think Abortion Should Be Outlawed

( – Abortion may be one of the most divisive topics in politics these days, competing with gun control and the migrant crisis for the top spot. As states like Texas continue to fight to save the lives of the unborn, many Americans are waiting to see how the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) weighs in on the issue. According to a new poll by mainstream media, it seems the majority of Americans actually hope the high court upholds the right to get an abortion.

Mainstream Media Pairs Up for a Political Poll

On Tuesday, November 16, The Washington Post published a poll it sponsored with ABC News surveying 1,001 Americans about various political topics on November 10. The poll, conducted by Abt Associates in Rockville, Maryland, has a 3.5% margin of error.

The results show that 60% of Americans want the SCOTUS to uphold Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling legalizing abortion, rather than overturn it. The poll shows only 27% of Americans want the high court to overturn the ruling, while 12% have no opinion. While this poll could be telling, it’s important to note that the balance of Conservatives versus Liberals taking the poll done by left-leaning media may skew towards the progressive side.

When speaking specifically about Texas’ latest anti-abortion law that allows private citizens to sue anyone who assists a woman in receiving an abortion, the numbers changed ever so slightly as more Americans shared their opinion. The results show that 29% of respondents want the SCOTUS to uphold the Texas law, while 65% want the Justices to reject it. With this question, only 6% said they had no opinion.

Is America’s Attitude Towards Abortion Changing?

These numbers reflect that nearly two of every three Americans want abortion to be legal in the US, although another survey question implied that number could be even higher. The final abortion question asked Americans if they thought the law or each individual woman and her doctor should be the one deciding whether or not an abortion is appropriate. According to the poll, 75% of Americans said it should be between a mother and her doctor, while only 20% want the law to regulate it.

Even if this poll leans heavily towards progressive respondents, it still shows heavy support for abortion rights in the United States. More citizens will likely share their thoughts on this subject in the coming weeks, as the SCOTUS prepares to hear oral arguments over a Mississippi abortion law on December 1 that could overturn Roe v. Wade. Soon after that, the high court will publish its rulings on the two latest controversial laws, potentially changing the abortion landscape in this country quite significantly.

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