New Year Resolutions? – These Cool Tips Will Help You Meet Them

New Year Resolutions? - These Cool Tips Will Help You Meet Them

( – Every year after holiday celebrations, people turn their thoughts to the new year for a fresh start. Many Americans will be making New Year’s resolutions. However, not all will be kept. To give yourself an improved chance of bettering yourself, we collected some top tips on how to pursue your goals – all year long.

First, make sure your resolutions are something you truly care about, not just a fad you’re joining to keep up with your friends. This could be saving money for a down payment on a house, pursuing a healthier lifestyle, or snagging that dream job.

To do this, start by writing down your goal and placing it somewhere prominent like a bathroom mirror, above the kitchen sink, or on your nightstand. Secondly, break your big goal down into smaller, more attainable goals. For example, if you want to save $15,000 for a house, try to set a smaller amount aside, like just over $1,000 every month. When you’re halfway there, reward yourself with something like a night out with friends.

Finally, find someone willing to keep you accountable. This should be a friend who won’t hesitate to ask if you’re meeting your deadlines and will encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize. You could even help them pursue their own resolutions in the process, too.

The Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation shared more about how to stick with deadlines with financial motivational speaker David Ramsey:

With a bit of planning, hopefully, 2022 can be a successful and inspirational year. While no one can control what happens in the world, there are always small steps each person can make to make their own world, and life, just a bit better every day.

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