New York Times Under Fire for Insane New “Replacements” of American Flag

New York Times Under Fire for Insane New

( – The New York Times is notorious for making some bold statements in its articles and publishing op-eds with wild views. The paper’s latest insane move came after they asked American graphic designers and artists to redesign the American flag.

On Tuesday, September 28 the New York Times published “Redesigning America’s Flag: Six New Takes on Old Glory” in their opinion section. After calling the flag “a potent piece of national iconography,” the paper laid out six proposed flag redesigns. One consisted of a weave design, where stripes interlocked and stars were spread throughout, attempting to convey “interdependency and togetherness.” Another submission completely blurred the entire flag, purposefully leaving “something ambiguous, vague and difficult to define.”

Commentary’s associate editor Noah Rothman echoed the view Americans may share on the article:

Even the American Independent writer Oliver Willis called the proposals “all completely terrible.” In a similar vein, political and advocacy strategist Rory Cooper said the article’s link “should be banished from the internet and the NY Times should have to take a time out.”

With the amount of backlash against this article, it’s clear the traditional spirit that takes pride in our nation’s flag, no matter what political party one comes from, is still alive and well.

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