Newly Appointed Cardinal Says Gay Acts Not Sinful for Non-Christians

Newly Appointed Cardinal Says Gay Acts Not Sinful for Non-Christians

Cardinal Reveals LOOPHOLE For Non-Christians

( – As some Catholics challenge their religion’s long-held beliefs on marriage and family life, the Pope walks a fine line between tradition, inclusion, and morality. Part of Pope Francis’ duties include elevating priests and bishops to new positions, and these changes often show the direction he wants to move the church. With this, many people have raised eyebrows after he appointed a cardinal with controversial views.

On August 27, Pope Francis made Monsignor Leonardo Ulrich Steiner a Cardinal during a ceremony at St. Peter’s Basilica. However, this new Cardinal told Life Site News that the Catholic approach to civil unions is not a moral issue, but a financial one. When the journalist asked how he could “justify the legal recognition” of gay unions, Steiner replied that such a question is not “a fundamentally moral question” and shot the following question back: “How do we say if it is a sin if they do not live the Christian faith?”

Cardinal Steiner previously told O Globo Magazine that people in gay unions “need legal support from society.” These statements come as the Catholic church’s doctrine still states that such situations are “contrary to the natural law” and cannot be “approved” under any circumstances. It seems this new Cardinal is in direct conflict with the doctrines of his religion, causing many to wonder what this could mean for the faith moving forward.

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