Newly Released Footage Appears to Show Election Evidence Being Destroyed

Newly Released Footage Appears to Show Election Evidence Being Destroyed

( – Many people have questioned the integrity of the 2020 election, specifically in states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Now, over a year since Election Day, new evidence is still coming to light about just what happened in the days after Americans cast their ballots. A whistleblower from Delaware County, Pennsylvania just stepped forward with multiple videos seeming to show election officials destroying crucial election evidence.

An undisclosed whistleblower recently shared three videos revealing likely felonies committed in Pennsylvania, including ballot shredding and destruction of tapes. One video allegedly shows Delaware County attorney Tom Gallagher throwing shredding tapes into a trash can, which is a felony. Another video seems to show two election officials talking about a “little campfire” they have going to dispose of election evidence.

Former law clerk Margot Cleveland shared this video on Twitter:

The third and final video shows men discussing if they should “get rid of the pads and the second scanners,” even though they acknowledged “it’s a felony.” If these videos are true, proper investigations into Delaware County elections must take place to persecute any felonies and allow lawmakers to reform the broken system. Of course, it’s almost just as crucial that mainstream media pick up this story while a thorough investigation proves or disproves its legitimacy.

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