News Anchor Fired From Job for Not Getting Jab Despite Medical Condition

News Anchor Fired From Job for Not Getting Jab Despite Medical Condition

( – As employers across the United States roll out vaccine mandates, stories are popping up about hard-working Americans losing their jobs despite valid reasons for foregoing the COVID-19 jab. In Texas, one news anchor lost his job despite previously recovering from the coronavirus and being allergic to COVID-19 vaccine ingredients.

For the past seven years, Dan Thomas worked as the evening news anchor for KXII, a Fox and CBS affiliate in Sherman, Texas. However, the company recently fired him after he applied for a medical exemption from their vaccine mandate. The news station cited that keeping Thomas employed would place an “undue hardship” on them.

However, Thomas’ doctor provided him with a medical exemption, as he’s allergic to two ingredients in the vaccine and highlighted he already has natural immunity to the virus.

Thomas shared his story on Twitter:

In theory, the purpose of any vaccine is to prevent people from getting sick and spreading it to others. While there are some rare breakthrough cases of COVID-19, they are few and far between and typically much less severe.

If this is the true purpose of the mandate, Thomas’s firing simply makes no sense, as he already has a natural immunity to COVID-19. Hopefully, an organization seeking solid news anchors with an appreciation for medical freedom can hire Thomas soon to help him support his family during this time.

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