Newspaper Wants Military to Restrict Movements of Unvaccinated Americans

Newspaper Wants Military to Restrict Movements of Unvaccinated Americans

( – America is a country that’s supposed to value personal rights and freedoms, including not pushing citizens (or anyone) to undergo unwanted medical procedures. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Left wants to force on people. Recently, a newspaper’s editorial board took it a step further.

In a January 15 op-ed, the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board attacked Utah Governor Spencer Cox (R) and state epidemiologist, Dr. Leisha Nolen, for allegedly surrendering to the virus. The board spent the majority of the opinion piece ranting about Conservatives and the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Finally, they made a terrifying suggestion: the National Guard should get involved with vaccine enforcement.

The editorial board, which is not composed of infectious disease experts, suggested Cox issue a mass vaccination order and deploy the National Guard to enforce the order to prevent the unvaccinated from going “anywhere.”

Not only would using the National Guard to force the unvaccinated to stay home be entirely unconstitutional and authoritarian, but it also ignores science. The vaccinated are just as likely to spread COVID-19 as the unvaccinated. The Omicron variant has proved the vaccine isn’t effective in stopping the spread in vaccinated individuals. Ostracizing the unvaccinated would do nothing to stop the pandemic; it would only destroy America.

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