Newt Gingrich Throws Support Behind President Trump

Newt Gingrich Throws Support Behind President Trump

( – Long-time devotee to American freedom and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has fought for the Republican party and the US Constitution for years. This weekend, he continued to do so by supporting President Donald Trump and calling for Conservatives to stand strong.

In an op-ed with Fox News, Gingrich praises our president for the movement he created. Over the past four years, President Trump became “the voice for the people of Middle America,” in large part because he is not in anyone’s pocket and can thus be trusted. Trump has consistently shown that he hears our struggles and will help us overcome them.

Democrats are chomping at the bit, however, to stop this movement in its tracks. Gingrich asks Conservatives to hold fast to their freedoms and remember what we are fighting for. He shares more on Twitter and through his podcast entitled “Bipartisan Baloney”:

We are at a turning point in American history where we must stand firm for our beliefs and not give way to pressure from the media, government, or even our well-meaning neighbors to take away our God-given rights.

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