Nobel Prize Will Not Have Any Gender or Racial Quotas for “Equity”

Nobel Prize Will Not Have Any Gender or Racial Quotas for

( – Over the past few years, well-known award shows like the Oscars have established “diversity” quotas to increase the number of awards that minorities win. However, this brought up many questions as to the legitimacy of these awards. In a break from current social pressures, the Nobel Prize committee announced it would not make any such rules to govern their prizes.

In a recent discussion with the AFP news agency, Goran Hansson, the head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences that governs the Nobel Prize committee, said the group would not make any gender or racial quotas for their awards. Rather, it will continue to focus on winners who make “the most important discovery.”

Hansson called it “sad” that the committee has only awarded 49 Nobel prizes to women. However, he said this small percentage “reflects the unfair conditions in society” rather than an unwanted bias from the Nobel committee.

One conservative found this news quite refreshing:

By choosing not to establish quotas for women to win these world-famous awards, the Nobel committee ensures that laureates receive the prize because they’re truly the best in the field, not just because they’re women. Hopefully, this trend will find its way into other facets of life within the US and the world, pushing people of all races, genders, and lifestyles to pursue greatness and win awards based on merit — rather than anything else.

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