North Korea Funded Nuclear Arsenal By Stealing Millions

North Korea Funded Nuclear Arsenal By Stealing Millions

( – North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has long-praised his nation’s nuclear program, although the public knows little factual information about just how advanced the nuclear infrastructure and systems are. But, a recently leaked UN report shows that the Communist country found a way to fund its program despite the crippling effects COVID-19 has had on its economy this past year.

Recently, a diplomatic source at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) shared portions of a confidential report with CNN and asked to remain anonymous. According to the report, North Korean hackers stole $316.4 million dollars from one country last year to produce and upgrade its nuclear program. It’s also likely more money was stolen, but the details were not shared with CNN.

North Korean hackers funneling money into the government is no new move for the nation, as the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) reminds us:

While North Korea is practically walled-off from the world due to various sanctions and a self-imposed COVID-19 quarantine, the country still finds ways to make money, even if those methods violate international law. This report underlines the need for strong data security and tough foreign policy with North Korea to prevent their nuclear program from truly taking off.

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