NSA Insider Says US Faces More Threats Than During Cold War

NSA Insider Says US Faces More Threats Than During Cold War

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The Cold War, which started in the late 1940s and began to relax in the mid-1950s, was a time of increased tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. During this time, the US intelligence community worked around the clock to gather intel on potential threats, weigh their viability, and create action plans for the threats deemed legitimate. However, an NSA insider recently told Just the News the potential risks at that time were small compared to our current age.

William Studeman served his nation while in the US Navy and eventually led the National Security Agency (NSA) under President George HW Bush. He then became the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under Presidents George HW Bush and Bill Clinton. He continued to serve his nation in various capacities related to intelligence and national security. With this knowledge, he told Just the News the “scope and size” of intel the government is gathering “is huge” and much larger than during the Cold War.

Studeman pointed out that the threats faced today, such as deterrence and escalation control, are vastly different than just the nuclear threat of the Soviets. He also noted that while the Soviet Union “was a considerable adversary,” it was still only one major power. In our modern times, the intelligence community gathers data on a myriad of players, including China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, some African countries, as well as some from Central and South America.

The former NSA official also spoke about how keeping this wider variety of threats at bay, which range from physical issues to cyber and cultural attacks, costs quite a bit more money than it used to in past years. While this interview did highlight some national security concerns Americans should understand, it is important to remember that this nation still boasts the strongest military in the world.

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