Ocasio-Cortez Backs Off on Trump’s “Concentration Camps”

Ocasio-Cortez Backs Off on Trump's

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The radical left often uses sensational language to get its point across. However, the moments when they tone down their words are quite telling as to how they try to manipulate American’s emotions and push their Progressive agenda. The latest wording change comes from US House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) when talking about holding centers for migrants that reopened this week at the US-Mexico border.

During the Trump administration, AOC flew to Texas to protest outside of an overflow center for migrants. She called the facilities “concentration camps” and accused the federal agencies of stealing the children from their parents. But, this week, AOC failed to bring her strong words when President Joe Biden did the exact same thing.

On Monday, February 22, a facility for children who crossed the border alone reopened amidst a surge of minors coming across our border. This time, however, the New York lawmaker’s reaction was subdued:

What she called “concentration camps” in the Donald Trump era she now calls “not okay.” This stark difference shows that AOC will use her words to skew the truth to anyone who will listen. Unsurprisingly, plenty of Americans called her out for her double-standard. It’s moments like these we must rely on history and previous actions to truly understand a person and their intentions.

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