Ocasio-Cortez’s LIFE IN DANGER? — Details!

Ocasio-Cortez Self-Absorbed Focus --- Says Her Life Is In Constant Danger

Ocasio-Cortez Self-Absorbed Focus — Says Her Life Is In Constant Danger

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Not many lawmakers have appeared on the front of high-fashion magazines, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has done it twice in recent years. The US Representative appeared on the front of Vanity Fair in 2020 and on the cover of GQ this fall. The seemingly self-absorbed lawmaker is now telling listeners she feels her life is almost always in danger.

During a recent discussion with CNN’s Chris Wallace, AOC told the host she has felt “in danger” since she won the Democratic primary in 2018, and the feeling only escalated when she arrived in Congress the following year. She noted how she’s nervous every day when she walks her dog and even walking from her car to her house after work.

This somewhat paranoid view that AOC is sharing with the world is likely not reassuring to her voters that live nearby. Her words could be politically motivated, but even that seems odd. Although, the New York lawmaker is known for occasionally having distorted views of how others view her, such as her New Years’ Eve tweet last year saying GOP lawmakers have pinned their “deranged sexual frustrations” on her.

AOC may want to rethink her rhetoric if she wants to inspire her constituents to feel safe in their own skin and their own neighborhoods.

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