Oregon Lawmakers Approve Divisive New Housing Plan for Homeless People (REPORT)

Oregon Lawmakers Approve Divisive New Housing Plan for Homeless People (REPORT)

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Few people disagree with the fact that we should help those less fortunate than us. But, there is much disagreement on how exactly it should be done. The Oregon legislature just approved an enormous plan to keep its homeless people in state-sponsored accommodations this winter, causing many to question whether it was the right move.

Project Turnkey will allow the state to purchase 20 hotels to supply housing units to homeless residents until spring. The $35-million plan was approved this week, after having failed in October.

The state is basing its project off of Project Homekey, a similar California-based initiative, shown here:

Although many Senators agree with the sentiment of wanting to care for Oregon’s perpetually homeless population, a few, including State Senator Lynn Findley (R), said she’s “afraid of throwing money out and saying, ‘Have a nice day’ and set something up to fail.”

This new program was passed alongside a slew of other government-funded projects, including assistance with childcare costs and COVID-19 testing facilities. While we will have to wait to evaluate the successes of this new housing project, we’re positive that Oregon’s government spending is not decreasing anytime soon.

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