Outspoken Commentator Humiliated After Question About AR-15 Weapons

Outspoken Commentator Humiliated After Question About AR-15 Weapons

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Advocates for gun control often spout a lot of opinions and statistics to try and win people over to their side. However, Americans who fully understand their Second Amendment rights and love hunting or gun collecting often know more about the hotly debated firearms. This was certainly true recently during a heated discussion on Fox News’s “The Five,” where outspoken commentator Giraldo Rivera was put in his place by cohost Greg Gutfeld on what an AR-15 actually is.

On Tuesday, January 15, hosts of “The Five” were talking about President Joe Biden’s speech at the National Action Network’s Annual Martin Luther King Day Breakfast, where he repeatedly spoke down to Conservatives and at one point declared that someone wanting to “take on the federal government” would “need some F-15s” rather than an AR-15.

Host Geraldo Rivera wanted to highlight this sentiment of Biden’s and declared to the audience that “there is no legitimate reason to have an AR-15.” He detailed how he spent time with his brother in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 2002 and saw a man die after being shot in the head with an AR-15. The famous journalist also said that the firearm is “not a rifle” and said he believes “it has no practical significance.”

However, Greg Gutfeld quickly stepped into this anti-gun talk and asked Rivera what “AR” stood for, to which the journalist replied, “Assault Rifle.”

Gutfeld was quick to point out that Rivera was incorrect. Instead, AR actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle.

Rivera seemed to understand he was wrong and rallied back to his original point. He declared that all he knows “is that AR-15’s have no place in American society other than sports clubs.” This shows yet another person seeking to ban a weapon from society that they do not fully understand.

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