Over 100 Catholic Leaders Come Out of the Closet

Over 100 Catholic Leaders Come Out of the Closet

(ConservativeInsider.org) – For hundreds of years, the Catholic Church has stood firmly against homosexuality. While Pope Francis has approached the issue in a softer way than others who have held his position, a group of activists within the Church is making even more drastic demands.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, 125 employees of the church in Germany came out as homosexual on January 24. The group includes religious teachers, priests, and others. They claimed they want to “live openly without fear” in the Roman Catholic Church and are pushing an initiative titled “#OutInChurch — For a church without fear.”

A Change.org petition with the same title says the group won’t keep quiet any longer. It demands the church change its labor rules to allow gay employees to live openly at work, date or marry someone of the same sex, and protect them from termination. Essentially, they want the church to completely change the way it operates and snub its nose at the teachings of the Bible.

Pope Francis has moved the Church in a more progressive direction since he took over. In 2013, the pontiff famously asked, “Who am I to judge” when discussing gay Catholics. He’s also praised Rev. James Martin, who wrote a book about reaching out to homosexual church members. Most recently, the pope told Catholic parents they shouldn’t condemn their gay children.

Although the pope has made the Catholic Church more accepting, it seems highly unlikely the institution will meet the German employees’ demands. What do you think?

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