Parler Creator Says Claims George Soros Part-Owner Are False (REPORT)

Parler Creator Says Claims George Soros Part-Owner Are False (REPORT)

( – False information can spread like wildfire these days. In a recent disinformation campaign, some claimed the free-speech centered social media network Parler was actually owned by left-wing billionaire philanthropist George Soros. However, the owner of the network quickly shut down those claims.

Reporter Will Sommer shared the photoshopped picture that claimed Soros was part-owner of the conservative networking site:

On Wednesday, November 11, Parler CEO John Matze posted to clear up the controversy, calling whoever started the misinformation “trolls.”

George Soros is known for pouring millions of dollars into local political races. In 2018, he spent $2.7 million in California and $16 million on races outside the state. In addition, he paid the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) $50 million for their work in the US.

Thankfully, this influential billionaire does not own Parler. Instead, CEO John Matze has committed to make Parler a reliable social network that allows its users to share information as they see fit, without the threat of censorship or flagging that many experience on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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