Parler Goes Dark After Free Speech App Targeted

Parler Goes Dark After Free Speech App Targeted

( – Wasting little time after the Electoral College votes were certified by Congress, Big Tech chose to bully Parler — a social media platform that promises free speech to its users — off the internet. In the early hours of Monday, January 11, after the app was deleted from Google and Apple stores, Amazon shut off Parler’s host servers, making the site unusable for the time being.

With the site down until it finds a new host and rebuilds its platform, Parler is still working hard for free speech. Parler CEO John Matze decided to also sue Amazon:

After the initial ban on Parler was announced by Big Tech, it actually became the most downloaded application in the US. This huge leap showed how competitive it is against the other major social media networks, so it’s only natural Big Tech would want to stop it before it takes away more of their users.

Hopefully, Parler’s antitrust case against the Liberal tech giants will succeed. Big Tech must be held responsible for ganging up against its competitors and monopolizing the market in order to control our nation’s narrative and limit free speech.

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