Pastors Outraged After New Law Calls Bible a “Myth”

Pastors Outraged After New Law Calls Bible A

( – The progressive agenda has long-included LGBT rights as part of its platform, and Canada is often one of the first nations to implement such laws. The latest controversial law is Bill C-4, which banned “conversion therapy” in Canada as of January 8, 2022. This has many pastors around the world expressing their outrage as the law calls the Bible and its teachings a “myth.”

Canada’s new law making conversion therapy illegal ensures that no one in the nation can counsel people who identify as homosexual in the belief that heterosexuality is preferable. If someone breaks the law, a court could sentence them to five years in jail.

Lawyer and Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis shared the view of her client, Pastor John MacArthur, on Twitter:

MacArthur emphasized that Canada already jailed numerous pastors for holding church services during COVID-19 lockdowns, and multiple states in the US are passing similar legislation. While America does not yet have the same level of religious persecution as Canada, MacArthur emphasized: “it’s coming fast.”

According to Fox News Digital, over 4,000 pastors have publicly stated they will protest from the pulpit every year on the anniversary of Bill C-4’s passing to condemn the legislation and the restriction it puts on them to practice their faith. Hopefully, the Canadian government and others considering such a bill would understand the infringement on religious freedom that such laws put forth.

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