Pelosi and Obama Join Forces to Push Radical Leftism

Pelosi and Obama Join Forces to Push Radical Leftism

( – Virginia’s Constitution lays out many guidelines for the state, including term limits for its leaders. It prohibits governors from holding the office for two consecutive terms, forcing voters to choose between new candidates or previous governors every election cycle.

Now, former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) is vying against candidate Glenn Youngkin (R) for the next four years, as current Governor Ralph Northam (R) is ineligible to run again at this time. However, major Democrats are coming to McAuliffe’s aid in this tight race.

Top Dems Head to Virginia

Virginia has a tendency to elect a governor in the opposite party of the current president, which means Youngkin poses a great threat to the Democrat’s current “trifecta” in the state, as they hold the House, Senate, and the governor’s mansion. In an effort to combat this, former President Barack Obama will head to the state at the end of October to try and rally black voters to support McAuliffe.

Stacey Abrams, a Democrat who failed to win the seat at Georgia’s governor, will also head to Virginia, along with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. Additionally, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is hosting a fundraiser to support McAuliffe and his campaign.

Seeing all of these big-name Democrats come together in support of one of their own may be foreshadowing their unity in future elections, showing their willingness to rally together despite differences. However, McAuliffe has publicly criticized President Joe Biden quite a few times in recent weeks, making some Americans question his loyalty to the party.

McAuliffe Tries Distancing Himself From the Bidens

While polls indicate the race between McAuliffe and Youngkin is too close to call, both candidates are trying to get as much support as possible. First Lady Jill Biden is set to campaign alongside the Democratic candidate the weekend of October 16 after a stop in New Jersey to support Governor Phil Murphy (D) in his election.

Although McAuliffe appears to welcome the First Lady to his state, he has voiced displeasure with her husband, telling supporters that President Biden is “unpopular.” He’s likely trying to distance himself from Biden and the continually growing American displeasure of the president and his job performance.

About Two Weeks Until Election Day

Both parties have a lot riding on this gubernatorial election, as it can easily set the tone for the 2022 midterms. While McAuliffe has a prior term and a multitude of top-level Democrats behind him, Youngkin is surely giving him a run for his money as many Virginians want the state to relax coronavirus restrictions and allow parents a voice in their children’s education. Now, America must step back and watch to see just what happens in this incredibly tight election.

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