Pelosi Declares “War Powers Act” as Biden Targets Iran With Missiles

Pelosi Declares

( – Iran has been testing the boundaries of both Iraq and the United States over the past few months with multiple unmanned aerial drone attacks against American personnel and facilities in Iraq. This weekend, President Joe Biden pushed back against these attacks with defensive strikes, but his bold move did not go over quite as smoothly as he would have liked with top Democrats.

On the evening of Sunday, June 27, US aircrafts carried out airstrikes against Iran-backed terrorist groups in three locations near the border between Iraq and Syria. NBC reporter Louie Tran shared more about the strikes:

That same evening, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a press release supporting Biden’s actions, calling the airstrikes a “targeted and proportional response to a serious and specific threat.”

But, Pelosi did not finish her statement without pressuring Biden to follow certain protocols moving forward. She highlighted that Congress “looks forward to receiving and reviewing the formal notification of this operation under the War Powers Act.”

The 1973 War Powers Act requires presidents to formally alert Congress of any US military escalation within 48 hours of it occurring. It was initially passed to limit presidential powers and prevent future lengthy conflicts. While presidential oversight is an essential part of our checks and balances system, hopefully, Pelosi does allow President Biden some latitude to continue protecting our troops overseas as necessary going forward.

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