Pelosi Goes Dark About Questions of Her Reelection

Pelosi Goes Dark About Questions of Reelection for Her

( – With the 2022 midterms just a year away and Republicans pushing to take back the House, Americans are speculating about which Democrats will try for another term and which will let someone else snag their seat. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is serving her 18th term in Congress right now. But, when asked whether she would run again next year, she adamantly avoided giving a straightforward answer, even with the election so close.

On Sunday, October 24, Pelosi met with CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss a myriad of political topics, from the infrastructure bill and Medicare expansion to the debt ceiling. At the end of the interview, Tapper asked the Speaker directly if she would run for re-election, to which she quickly shot back, “why would I tell you that now?” Seeming to laugh off the legitimate question, she excused herself from having to answer, saying that she, “would have that conversation with my family first – if you don’t mind.”

CNN shared most of the interview on YouTube:

With the election only a year away, Pelosi seems a bit irresponsible to say she hasn’t even discussed the possibility of retirement with her family yet. While this might just be an excuse, it could signal the Speaker is hoping to step down from her role in Congress, which could give the GOP even more of a boost as they seek to take back the legislative branch. If Pelosi does retire, she would join two other long-term Democrats in their departure from Congress, leaving many weak spots open for GOP candidates to swoop in.

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