Pelosi Roasted by Watters for Claiming Biden Is Perfect for the Job

Pelosi Roasted by Watters for Claiming Biden Is Perfect for the Job

( – During the holiday season, many companies put on a party to celebrate the end of the year and look forward to the next. The Democratic National Party (DNC) is no different, and 400 of its officials and staffers got together to do just that on Tuesday, December 14. During the event, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke, both saying quite a few ridiculous things.

Pelosi Praises Biden as “Perfect”

During the evening’s festivities, Pelosi celebrated President Biden as “just perfect” for his job, claiming that no one else has more “experienced and capable hands” than he does. However, these comments fell quite flat on the ears of Americans who see COVID-19 ramifications and inflation on the rise while the US-Mexico border remains in chaos.

President Biden joined in the laughable comments when telling attendees that the Democrats are “going to win in 2022.” He even threatened Republicans that they will be “in for a problem” come the midterms. When listeners contrast these words against Biden’s current approval rating, which hovers at 42% according to the latest NPR and Marist poll, Democratic success in the midterms is nothing less than unlikely.

Fox News Roasts Biden and Pelosi

On Wednesday, December 15, Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Judge Jeanine Pirro took a few minutes during “The Five” to discuss the Democratic leaders’ out-of-touch comments. Watters reminisced about when President Donald Trump was in the White House and some Republicans praised him during a cabinet meeting. The media quickly painted them as “suck-ups to a dictator,” and now it seems the media is choosing to ignore, or at least not criticize, Pelosi’s similar comments and attitude towards Biden.

Watters did acknowledge that it is Biden’s job to be optimistic for his party, comparing the Christmas celebration to a pep rally. However, she also asked how in the world Biden believes the GOP would ever “strap their lassos to this train wreck,” clearly referring to Biden’s poor policies across the board.

Will Ingenuinness Help The Left?

Between Biden ignoring his dismal approval ratings to Pelosi’s comments that seem to discredit all the difficulties Americans are facing, Democrats may not be particularly excited with their own party right now. As polls and voters look forward to the 2022 midterms, Americans may see a shift towards candidates who embrace a free marketplace and economy without excessive government overreach and spending after watching our nation’s current leadership fumble through their responsibilities over the past few months.

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