Pelosi Tells Ukraine Billie Jean King Sends Her Regards

Pelosi Tells Ukraine Billie Jean King Sends Her Regards

( – The Ukrainian people have literally been fighting for their lives for more than two weeks. Russia has ruthlessly bombed the country, hoping to force President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to reject NATO and allow the separatist regions to declare independence. To say it’s been stressful for the nation’s president would be an understatement, which is what makes a recent phone call with a prominent Democrat so bizarre.

During a March 9 press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters she spoke to Zelenskyy and said she told him former tennis star “Billie Jean King sends [him] her regards.” The retired athlete had been at the Capitol to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the anti-sex discrimination Title IX funding. While her visit was great, it’s not exactly something Zelenskyy, the president of a country actively being bombed, prioritized among the things he hoped to hear.

Conservatives pounced on the comments from Pelosi to point out how bizarre she’s been behaving lately. Fox News host Tammy Bruce called the Speaker’s comment “inexplicably idiotic.”

Radio host Gerry Callahan mocked the Speaker, saying Zelenskyy probably had “mixed emotions,” he’s under the threat of assassination, missiles are landing all around him, his country is in flames, but at least “BILLIE JEAN KING SAYS HI!”

How do you feel about Pelosi’s bizarre remark?

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