Pentagon Confirms Pelosi Lied About Guardsmen

Pentagon Confirms Pelosi Lied About Guardsmen

( – Since January 6, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has accused the Pentagon and US military of delaying the deployment of the National Guard during the riots at the US Capitol. She all but called General Mark Milley a liar over his defense of the military’s response, emphasizing the military could have arrived on the scene “much sooner.” However, a new Pentagon report reveals Pelosi’s claims are simply not true.

On Wednesday, November 17, the Department of Defense (DOD) inspector general released a report detailing that “DOD officials did not delay or obstruct the DOD’s response” to the events of January 6. It highlights that former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller and former Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy did exactly what military protocol instructed them to do to reasonably deploy the soldiers needed to address the riots occurring at the US Capitol.

John Solomon, an investigative journalist and founder of Just the News, shared more about the report on Twitter:

While some people criticize the report, it’s crucial to note that investigators with the Inspector General’s office interviewed over 44 witnesses and still concluded that the military’s response was “reasonable.” This simply shows another facet of the Democratic narrative surrounding January 6 that came to light as false. As America continues to uncover more about the events of that day, one can only wonder if additional reports will unveil even more of Pelosi’s lies.

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